Fluid power

Fluid power is the use of fluids under pressure to generate, control and transmit power. Fluid power systems, which include both pneumatic (gas) and hydraulic (liquid) systems, consist of a variety of components such as receivers, pumps, fans, valves, and cylinders. BUT high-performance rolling bearings are the wisest choice for the players of this industry to obtain efficient, compact, and cost-effective applications.


  • Peristaltic pumps
  • Lobe pumps (sanitary lobe pumps, rubber coated rotary lobe pumps)
  • Duplex pump
  • Triplex pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Mud pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Surface pumps
  • Horizontal slurry pumps
  • Wastewater pumps
  • Axial flow pumps
  • High pressure pumps
  • Rotary pistons pumps
  • Rotary blades pumps
  • Side channel pumps
  • Axial, centrifugal, and cooling fans
  • Heaters
  • Air preheaters
  • Gas/gas heaters
  • Centrifugal, diaphragm, reciprocating, and twin-screw compressors
  • Valves
  • Mechanical screw jacks
  • Industrial fans
  • Compressors
  • Blowers
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