The steel industry is a staple of the world economy. In fact, steel is the material of choice for countless industries, including manufacturing, construction, transportation, and various consumer products. BUT supplies its rolling bearings and cutting-edge solutions to all the main steelmakers operating in the upstream, midstream, and downstream segment all over the world.


  • Sintering and pelletizing/briquetting machines (pallet cars)
  • Horizontal roller presses
  • Continuous casting machines (guide rolls)
  • Roughing, intermediate, and finishing mill stands
  • Cold and hot skin pass mill stands (back-up rolls, work rolls, intermediate rolls)
  • Reversing rolling mill stands (back-up rolls, work rolls, intermediate rolls)
  • Hot rolling mill stands for flat and long products
  • Continuous tandem mill stands
  • Temper mill stands
  • Screwdown unit blooming mills
  • Rebar rolling mill stands
  • Rolling mills for steel reinforcing bars
  • Bar reducing and sizing mills
  • Beam mill stands
  • Section mills for rails
  • Coiler and uncoiler stands
  • Wire rod mills stands
  • Roll reducing and sizing blocks
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