The copper industry is a major contributor to the global economy and plays a crucial role in addressing issues critical to society. It comprises not only the companies involved in exploration, extraction, development, and production of copper, but also countless downstream sectors, including construction, transport, machinery, food supply, renewable energy, and medical and electronic devices. BUT provides its rolling bearings and expertise to many top-tier enterprises that operate in this highly demanding market.


  • Conveyor systems (rolls, gearboxes, motors)
  • Dump trucks
  • Vibrating screen machines, ball mills, crushers in the processing segment
  • Pumps, electric motors, fans in the flotation segment
  • 2Hi, 4Hi hot rolling mill stands
  • 4Hi, 6Hi cold strip rolling mill stands
  • 4Hi, 6Hi thin strip rolling mill stands
  • 6Hi foil rolling mill stands
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